Senior Care Management and/or Placement


Are you or someone you know experiencing a change in physical or mental circumstances that is now requiring more care by someone else or are you the primary caregiver of someone requiring a higher level of care? Do you or someone you know need assistance with any of the following Activity of Daily Living; Safety, Medication Management, Cooking, Eating, Dressing, Bathing, Toileting, Walking, Transferring, or the need of Social Stimulation/Motivation?


We are here to help you! We understand the anxiety, stress, and sometimes how overwhelming these situations can be. We understand that providing care for our family or friends is our primary goal but can sometimes be extremely difficult if we become the caregiver, working a fulltime job, managing our own household, and squeezing a moment or two for ourselves.

Finding the right senior living community requires extensive knowledge of the senior’s care needs, personal preferences, financial capabilities and social interests. ACP Consultants’ licensed nurses and/or certified staff will consult with you and/or your family to determine the care needs, personal preferences, financial capabilities and social interests. We help individuals & families develop a plan of care and next steps through our nurse’s assessment. Whether the need be In-Home Care, Assisted Living, Memory, or Board and Care Home. We are here to assist, educate, and organize the plan of care so that you and/or your loved ones will have the quality of care needed to have a quality of life. Don’t put off calling us! Let us help you before something happens and the need becomes crisis care.

ACP Consultants can also assist by recommending and setting up other services like Estate Planning, Financial Planning, Home-Health, or Hospice services. No matter the need, “We are here to help & Serve You!

At ACP Consultants, “Our Family is Committed to Yours.” We promise to be that guiding hand, that extra shoulder to comfort you and your loved ones. We promise we will race to help you with compassion, respect, and dignity at all times.


Our services are designed to give options and choices.

Major controversy over choices and options in the Healthcare industry; have greatly affected quality of care and even more so quality of life for some. That is why at ACP Consultants, WE put you back in charge of your healthcare decisions. We will give you options by suggesting, and recommending services, programs, and professional providers that WE personally have vetted to ensure quality of service for you. You will not have to worry of the provider, facility, or community you choose because we only work with legitimate, professional, & quality providers. ACP Consultants has a large network of professional resources & providers in Orange County, San Bernardino County, and Los Angeles County. No matter what service you need, WE have the expert (Estate Planners, Financial Advisors, Fiduciaries, Realtors, Medi-cal specialists, Medicare Solutions & Brokers, Physicians, Chiropractors, In-home care, Home-Health, Hospice agencies, and a variety of many other services associated or affiliated with Healthcare and Senior Living)                                                                        
Economic Challenge Needs:

Long Term Care Facility or Assisted Living Waiver Program Assistance

Millions of senior citizens are living in poverty, without financial assistance, or without the care they need to have a quality of life. Most people do not know what or if they are eligible for the programs that available, how to assess, or navigate through them. If this is you or someone you know, PLEASE CALL US TODAY!

ACP Consultants, can assist by assessing and determining medical and financial needs, suggest & recommend the programs available, assist with obtaining and organizing the needed documentation, and placement in a state approved LTC facility or Assisted Living Community.

For more information on the ALW Program, click here


Memory Care                                        

In 2016 alone, an estimated 5.4 million Americans have Alzheimer’s disease, and that number is expected to rise, leading to skyrocketing demand for memory care housing and services. If you are someone you know is the primary caregiver or loved one of someone diagnosed with Dementia or Alzheimer’s and are looking for answers and/or assistance CALL ACP CONSULTANTS TODAY!

ACP Consultant’s experienced and knowledgeable staff will answer any and all questions regarding options and resources available according to your specific needs. 

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