About Us

ACP Consultants, LLC is a company formed in June 2014 in the city of La Habra, CA.

We are a company that LOVES WHAT WE DO and that you can TRUST because we follow the rules. We have set up our company and put systems in place in order to protect YOU!

Elder/Senior care placement referral companies have begun to populate all over and it turns out some are good and some are not so good. That is why at ACP Consultants, we have made every effort and taken every step to PROTECT you the customer.

ACP Consultants, LLC, provides the following protections:

  • Full disclosure of fees provided up front in our Service Agreement signed by the consumer and company representative before service is rendered. Explains hourly vs. Facility referral fee.
  • Care assessments by qualified and licensed nurses.
  • Disclosure of last date the professional toured the senior living community or Skilled Facility. We do checklist of the communities we visit, utilize, and refer to that are available upon request.
  • Confirm senior living facility is not in current violation of state licensing requirements
  • Accurately maintain records of senior client’s information with name of facility chosen
  • Maintain adequate amount & required liability Insurance
  • Employees are verified by background checks and are fingerprinted. All licenses and certification will be in good standing while employed with ACP Consultants, LLC whether a 1099 or W2 status.
  • We maintain SSL encryption security on our website and pay portal to add extra security

We assist all clients without discriminating against because of race, color, national or ethnic origin, age, religion, disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, veteran status or any other characteristic protected under applicable federal or state law.

About the Founder

Tammie Sampedro, Founder/Co-Owner

Tammie Sampedro is a happily married, Roman Catholic woman, a mother of four children, and lives in Southern California. Her background consists of 15 years in the healthcare industry. Her specialty is Hospice, Palliative, and Home Health nursing.

Tammie has spent the last 5 years working in the Senior Care Industry. Some of her most special moments were experienced in the Assisted Living facilities that she worked at as a Community Relation Director. She has had the privilege to meet and assist so many wonderful seniors, families, and professionals during this time. She also learned how many people are unprepared for life’s changes whether it is by accident, illness, or disaster. Because of her love for others, Tammie has dedicated her time, education, and life to the industry and to Advance Care Planning. Her passion is to educate the public in understanding how extremely important Advance Care Planning truly is.  She does presentations to teach that Advance Care Planning is a process of planning for future medical and financial care needs. That it is a continual process and not merely a document or isolated event. Her goal is to ensure everyone knows that Advance Care Planning is a gift and that ACP Consultants is a company that was created to advance this philosophy of Advance Care preparation.

Tammie’s Education and Experience

Entrepreneur, Business Management & Leadership, Sales & Marketing, Life, Accidental & Health Insurance Agent, Licensed Vocational Nurse, Geriatric Case Manager (Student), Bachelor of Science in Health Administration (Student), Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFE) Administrator Certified, Hospice, Home Health, Senior Living.